Low Carb Vegetables

Trying to restrict intake of carbohydrates? Here are low carb vegetables for you to consider.

Vegetables in general are going to be relatively low in carbohydrates, but some are known for being particularly low, so let's discuss them.

A discussion of carbohydrates is a little like a discussion of fiber - it's not always what it appears to be. Just to be certain we're on the same wavelength, I also discuss high carbohydrate vegetables, you know, starchy vegetables.

Anyway, this discussion isn't at the level of telling you how many grams of carb there are in a particular vegetable. Much of this depend on how you grow it, how you let it mature, and the particular variety. Let's be satisfied dividing this up into the good guys and the bad guys.

In general, less sweet, more fibrous and more water laden vegetables tend to be low in carbs. Let's examine the good guys, the low carb veggies. Here they are:

  • In the area of greens, I suggest that lettuce and spinach and nearly all types of greens are low carb. My favorites are Swiss chard, beet greens and mustard greens. I am also partial to romaine type lettuce because it can be easily harvested over long spring and fall seasons.

  • Cucumbers and jicama and asparagus are also low carb delights. The first two have a relatively high water content, and the last two have a decent amount of fiber in them.

  • Broccoli is a great plant to grow, it's hard to kill, and it's low in carbs. Cauliflower is also a low carb vegetable, but it's a lot more difficult to grow than most other vegetables.

  • Celery and radishes come to mind as low carb vegetables as well. High in fiber and high in water content, they are similar to cucumbers and jicama in this regard. It is often said that celery takes more calories to consume than it provides.

  • You might consider eggplant and peppers for low carb meals as well. Eggplant tends to be a low density vegetable, and peppers contain lots of water.

  • Another low carb vegetable that I enjoy immensely is green beans. Whether on the bush or vine, fresh snap beans are wonderful sauteed in butter and bacon bits. We're talking immature green or yellow beans that you eat in the pod, not dried beans from a mature pod like pintos or fava.

Although I wouldn't consider tomatoes and onions to be low in carbs, I wouldn't consider them to be high carb either. If you're watching your carb intake, just go easy on these and you'll be fine.

I'd hate to think of anyone giving up onions because they were in search of low carb veggies. When it comes to preparing a dish, my motto is simple: "There is no such thing as too much garlic or too much onion." That pretty much sums up my love for garlic and onions.

So, there you have it, a good list of twelve low carb vegetables that are relatively easy to grow. Armed with this information, your vegetable gardening should be aligned with your interest in lowering carbohydrate intake.

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