How to Harvest Snow Peas - pick 'em

Here are the technical instructions for how to harvest snow peas.

Okay, the instructions aren't that technical in nature. You just snip 'em with a pair of scissors or you pull and bend back until the top of the pea or the stem snaps and you have the pea pod in your hand.

I prefer the scissors method because pulling on the pod can disturb the rest of the pea plant. It can even damage the plant and limit your pea crop.

Remember that each blossom on the plant represents another snow pea, so take it easy when you're harvesting.

There is also a one-handed method whereby you grip the pod between your 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers and your palm, and then use you index finger and thumb to pull the stem away from what you're gripping in your hand. I still like the scissors method the best.

Regardless of the method, snow peas are ready to pick when you can see tiny peas forming in the pod. Don't wait until the tiny peas become pea size, or they'll tend to be tough and stringy.

Picking snow peas isn't difficult at all. The difficult part is getting them into the kitchen so you can have them in your stir fry or as part of a raw vegetable tray or as a complement to your steamed vegetables.

The problem with getting them into the kitchen is that many a snow pea is "canned" right on the spot. Unless you plant dozens of pea plants, don't be surprised if not a one makes it very far from the garden.

My years of vegetable gardening tell me that the least of my worries is how to harvest snow peas. I'm more worried about how to get them into the kitchen so I can enjoy them during a meal.

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