Harvesting Kale - keep it coming

Harvesting kale can be accomplished in a manner similar to how one might harvest collards or romaine lettuce - one leaf at a time. If you do it that way, it'll keep the kale coming for many weeks.

Kale is ready to harvest anytime you have six or eight leaves on the plant.

It's best when harvested after a frost or two because that makes it sweeter, nevertheless, I harvest kale all throughout the summer and well into the winter.

The technique for harvesting is to cut the stems a few inches from the main stalk, and be sure to leave about 4 to 6 leaves on the plant so it can continue to nourish itself with sunlight.

Stem stubs that remain on the plant will dry up and fall off, and new stems and leaves will sprout from the center of the main stalk. Wait a few weeks, and you can cut more leaves for your soups, crock pots full of greens and onions, or fresh salads.

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Take control of your food supply by growing your own vegetables. When it comes to self-reliance, there is no skill more basic and essential than being able to feed yourself.

Create your own marketplace alternatives by growing a wide variety of fresh and organic vegetables. It's one the best things you can do for your household budget and your health. Know what's in and on your food.