Vegetable Gardening and Greenhouses

Vegetable gardening is a great way to provide yourself and family with a tremendous bounty of fresh vegetables loaded with nutrients. And, you can do this all year round if you select the right varieties, know when to plant them and how to protect them.

Clair Schwan of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Welcome, I'm Clair Schwan, the host of this site. If you're here to learn about planting, growing, caring, harvesting and preparing fresh vegetables from your garden, then you're in the right place. Our focus here is homegrown goodness from seed, soil and sunshine.

Let's grow vegetables - all types, all year round, and lots of them. Looking for recreation and a bit of self-sufficiency? Get out there and grow vegetables!

Sometimes row covers and greenhouses are necessary to protect our vegetables from wind, hail, frost and critters, so we'll include these structures and resources in the discussion.

If you love fresh vegetables and want to get more out of your garden, then this is a good place for you. Here we'll discuss:

  • outdoor vegetable gardens during the traditional summer growing season

  • indoor gardening of vegetables with a sun room or other suitable location

  • greenhouse gardening to get a jump on the season, extend the season, and protect against a harsh environment

  • cold climate and winter gardening where you can defy cold weather with cold frames, row covers and winter vegetables that thrive in cool and cold temperatures

I'll provide you with information, advice and practical experience that you can use to help get the most out of your gardening efforts. You'll learn tips and techniques that have worked well for me and people I know. Here you'll find good information about:

It's also my intention to provide you with a comprehensive list of resources so this is "one stop shopping" for the information you're looking for. To this end, I'll provide you with a nice compilation of:
  • vegetables recipes

  • information on vegetable nutrition

  • how-to information on canning, freezing and dehydrating

  • vegetable gardener resources

  • general gardening advice

  • sources for greenhouses and supplies

  • practical examples of how to build your own greenhouse
I'm a big fan of growing vegetables. My parents were very much into vegetable gardening. They always had a nice garden each year. My grandparents were also fond of growing vegetables.

Gardens of my own here in Wyoming include direct seeded vegetable plots, raised beds, greenhouse gardens and winter gardens with row covers and cold frames. I grow root crops, greens, tall vegetables, field-type crops, and a range of fruits.

My vegetable plants are always started from seed and I enjoy seeing a rejuvenation of life each time a seedling pokes its way up through the soil. It's a sure sign that good food is on the way - all I have to do is help out a little bit.

When you stop and think for a moment, it is truly a miracle that an entire plant, bearing delicious and nutritious fruit, all started as a single seed. What's more, all it needs is soil, sun, water, and a little help from you.

And, that's where I come in - helping you to help your vegetable garden.

Growing vegetables is a great investment in your good health. And, it allows you to enjoy a range of fresh vegetable varieties that no grocery store could ever offer at any price.

Join me in the delicious and nutritious harvest that's in store for us when we get involved in vegetable gardening.

Take control of your food supply by growing your own vegetables. When it comes to self-reliance, there is no skill more basic and essential than being able to feed yourself.

Create your own marketplace alternatives by growing a wide variety of fresh and organic vegetables. It's one the best things you can do for your household budget and your health. Know what's in and on your food.